House Openings

We have an opening in our house, starting February 1 (later options possible as well), please see below!

We are a group house centered around meditation and yoga, as well as laughter, good food, and when the snow recedes, a flourishing garden. Each of us has an ongoing daily practice, with buddhist meditation and yoga at the core of what we do.

meditation space

We also welcome the broader DC community into many of these activities, so that the house is a space for supporting the practice of others. We host meditation four times a week, as well as occasional dharma talks and a daylong meditation retreat once a month. We host yoga (in the Dharma Mittra tradition) three times a week, plus yoga nidra and kirtan, and a study group focused on death and dying. We are also hoping to open our space to other events like dinners, and classes on meditation and the dharma.

Our 3 story townhouse is divided between a meditation and yoga space on the first floor and private living space – bedrooms, kitchen, living/dining room, washer/dryer  – on the second and third floors. There is also a backyard with a beautiful garden and a firepit, a shaded deck off the second floor, a guest room, and a basement for storage. We are located in the heart of Mt Pleasant, a block away from the farmer’s market, restaurants and shops, and a stone’s throw away from the forest refuge of Rock Creek Park.


The available space is a 9’x13’ room on the third floor with lots of natural light that shares a full bathroom with one other person. We are looking for someone to move in between May 7 and June 1. Price is $925/month, plus around $65-$100 per month for utilities and shared expenses.

The current housemates are 5 women and 1 man in their 30s (including one hetero couple). We are a fun-loving group who enjoy cooking and sharing food and reflecting on life and learning together. We try to meditate together regularly and create a home environment supportive of reflection and contemplation.

We are seeking a housemate who has an established spiritual/contemplative practice, and wants to deepen that practice in community with others. We are looking for someone who is interested in participating in and sometimes hosting some of the meditation, yoga, or other events we regularly have in our home.

Our community is LGBTQ friendly and we encourage people from a broad range of backgrounds to apply.

If you’re interested, please send us an email at Here are some things we’d be interested to know…

  1. Who are you? What is your spiritual practice? What do you do for fun and work? Where do you currently live?
  2. Why are you interested in our home? What about our community resonates with you?
  3. What are your experiences living in community? What do you enjoy and what do you find challenging about living in community?
  4. What, if any, encounters have you had with our house so far? Have you attended any events? Do you know anyone who lives here?
  5. If you were to move in, what activities and responsibilities would you be most interested in participating in? If you were to move in, what activities and responsibilities would you be most interested in leading?


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