Community Acupuncture to Process Election Shock

Impromptu Event – This Sunday (11/20) – Community Acupuncture to Process Election Shock

This Sunday, from 2-6pm at the Lamont Dharma House, two friends Amy Babb and Andrei Stoica from Transformational Acupuncture, will be offering a special acupuncture treatment for re-centering and helping the body process trauma, which many of us may be feeling after the election. Treatments will be offered freely, on a donation basis.

Here is more from Amy and Andrei:

It has been a long hard election season and the results have left many people unsettled. We see many people in our daily practice that are struggling to find ground during this more than usual tumultuous transition. If you or anyone you know feels that you could benefit from joining in a community acupuncture session, please join us on Sunday the 20th from 2-6pm at Lamont Dharma House. Last needles will go in at 5pm

We will provide the same simple, yet powerful treatment to each participant. It is called the NADA protocol whereby we place 5 acupuncture needles in each of the ears only, allowing you to relax either sitting in a chair, on the ground or even laying down if you choose.

There are some chairs, meditation cushions, and yoga mats available, but if you want to ensure the use of such comfort, please bring your own. Each session will last approximately 45 minutes. We will see people on a first come, first serve basis, so please plan accordingly. It is unlikely that you will wait for very long as it is a quick placement of the needles. If you’ve never had acupuncture before, please note that it is a good idea to come well hydrated and without a hungry stomach. 

More information on the NADA protocol:

NADA Philosophy ~ “The Spirit of NADA”
The beauty of the NADA protocol is that it is simple and effective.  The group session encourages community and oneness.

NADA Protocol ~ Five Acupuncture Points on the Ear
SHEN MEN – Spirit gate. Calms anxiety and slows the heart rate. Alleviates feelings of impatience, mood swings, and replaces them with joy.

SYMPATHETIC – Relaxes nerves, reduces fight or flight response, improves digestive function, aids respiration, relieves anxiety, and produces calm.

KIDNEY – Essential energy, helps to release toxins through urine. Rejuvenation and restoration and a deep level of purification of the blood. Associated with relieving fear, paranoia and anguish, and fortifying feelings of gentleness and awareness.

LIVER – Emotional balance. Cleanses the body of toxins and is related to emotional stability and balance. Associated with relieving feelings of anger, rage, and depression, and restoring balance and kindness.

LUNG – Life force balance – rules the breath. Nourishing, improves the immune system and eases breathing. Associated with relieving sadness and grief, and providing feelings of courage and righteousness.

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