Sign-Up for Morning Meditation

To support us all in practicing mindfulness meditation together in community, or sangha, we have organized a sign-up sheet. If you are interested in sitting with us, please read on, and sign-up at the link below.
Why we are offering this: the idea for this offering is to provide an opportunity for us all to grow in practice together — it can be a beautiful thing to share a regular practice with a group. We realize that not everyone lives conveniently near the house, but for those who do, we wanted to make our space available.

We recommend that you try to commit to a given schedule (whether its one day a week or multiple days a week), for a month if possible, to build momentum with a regular group.

Payment: there is no fee for participating in morning meditations – please come freely!

A few guidelines:
  • Please feel free to enter your name as either Lead Meditator (LM) or Solidarity Meditator (SM).
  • The responsibilities of the LM are simple: to ring the bell at the beginning and the end of the 30minute meditation (which requires also keeping track of time) — there will be a bell and timer provided.
  • The SM is there to provide the beautiful support of sangha by simply practicing meditation in community — really we are all SMs for each other when we sit together.
  • You can sign-up as an SM even if there is no LM already in the calendar — one of us living in the house can always be an LM if need be, and we will check the calendar regularly to see who has signed up.
  • If possible, so we can plan, please try to sign up a week ahead (but not crucial — feel free to sign up as late as 8pm on the night before a sit).
  • Please do not delete anyone else’s entry.